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Our focus is to provide professional quality products that any level of experience can afford. There is a segment of the market that is underserved and that is where we come in.

We aim to provide Quality Automotive Spray Guns at an Affordable Price throughout the United States.

MG Distributor

Professional Products at an affordable price

Located in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles, MG Distributor has been providing automotive spray guns, accessories, and excellent customer service since 2008.

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The New EURO 5200 Series

HVLP Spray Gun

HVLP technology has been around for some time, but few have been able to make it available at an affordable price point without having to make compromises in quality…until now. The new EURO 5200 Series HVLP spray gun makes sure there is a higher proportion of paint reaching your target surface with reduced overspray, materials consumption, and air pollution. Not to mention, looking great doing it.



  • Ergonomic, Lightweight & precision-balanced for user comfort and stamina
  • Easy to use while providing top quality performance
  • Stainless Wetted Parts for Waterborne Paints

Cost Effective

  • High quality construction for an affordable price.
  • Interchangable nozzles for various material viscosities.


  • Adjustable Air Pressure, Fan Pattern, and Fluid Output for ultimate control.
  • HVLP allows for higher transfer efficiency, meaning less waste and more $$$


  • Easy to clean body and parts to save time.
  • 3 year Limited Warranty against any manufacturer defects
  • Replacement parts available upon request