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A HVLP (high volume low-pressure) Gun is one of the most convenient paint spray equipment available in the market today. Its capability to adjust the amount of air pressure it uses to apply the paint, lacquer, enamel, or varnish is something very handy, which makes it an indispensable tool for many who have already experienced its competence. A “true” HVLP gun is connected to a turbine motor that drives a high volume of warm air under low pressure into the gun, providing the gun its name. However, many guns are created to work with air compressor under a slightly different principle, and these are also called HVLP gun.

An HVLP gun practically appear like a pistol-grip garden hose nozzle, which allows water to flow when the trigger is squeezed, turning off the flow when released. Instead of water, the spray gun shoots air mixed with material. The concept behind a HVLP gun is that the escaping air atomizes the material, spreading it into tiny droplets that can be applied on to a surface in thin, even layers. Prior to HVLP gun, spray guns using air compressors did not have a way to regulate the air pressure coming through the gun. Material shot from the gun with such force produced problems, involving vast loads of overspray and blowback. Overspray not only wastes material, but it demands more prep work to protect that it bounces off; leaving a disturbed surface that is not smooth and even. Delivering a high volume of product with low pressure solves these problems, saves money in material consumption and reduces air emissions.

HVLP gun comes in various sizes. Small guns can be used for touch up jobs or for applying graphics to motorcycles or vehicles, while standard guns are used for painting entire vehicles, for example. The gun is fed material from a mounted filler cup. An HVLP gun might have the cup mounted on the top of the gun, known as a gravity feed, or on the bottom. Gravity feed guns are generally preferable for auto painting because they don’t leave unused material in the cup. There are vast of benefits that HVLP gun have, these are: Less- over spray, less blow back, faster dry time, and filtered air. Ultimately, HVLP spray gun represents a pretty big leap forward in paint technologies. The guns are frequently seen in auto shops, cabinetry shops, and even on the job site. A good HVLP gun can save many hours of labor when painting anything from motorcycles to home exteriors. Take care to purchase a gun that is suited to the type of job you’ll be doing.

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