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Affordable automotive spray guns

Spray guns, nowadays, are commonly used by people who are car-enthusiasts. They would change car colors as hobbies, to impress friends with their car’s paint job, or even to paint cars in relevance to art. Whatever the reasons why people use spray guns for their vehicles it is always important to use a great and high end quality spray gun; and with that, people always come in mind the factor when buying automotive spray guns, the affordability. Unlike the other spray guns, looking for spray gun automotive would be very beneficial to all.

How automotive spray guns work

Great and affordable spray gun automotive has only few essential and basic controls. A spray cap on the front of the gun is responsible for atomizing the paint and regulating it to achieve a vertical or horizontal spray outline. The upper knob, which is located at the rear of the gun, controls the width of the spray outline. On the other hand, the inferior knob manipulates the flow of the paint. To begin spraying, the trigger is held and pressed while releasing makes it stop.

How to properly use an automotive spray gun

By following the basic steps of using an affordable spray gun automotive, you can master using it along with little practice. Here are the steps:

  • First, you must get rid of the cup of the paint from your spray gun automotive by moving the lever that locks it, counterclockwise and turning the cup about 1/8 turn while holding the body of the gun.

  • Then, pour the paint to the cup by means of the strainer. Letting the strainer rest on the paint cup, you shall then fill the cup quarter full. Afterwards, thin the paint in the cup based on what is recommended. The reverse of removal is by embedding the cup to the gun.

  • You shall then attach the air compressor into the affordable spray gun automotive with the use of the air hose. Then set the pressure of the compressor to 55 PSI (Pounds per Square Inch).

  • To obtain the desired outcome using your affordable spray gun automotive, spray a test outline on a piece of wood or even a cardboard. Regulate the pattern and flow knobs to obtain about 12 inches wide that has good coverage but take note that there should be no runs.

  • When spraying using your spray gun automotive, you should paint using careful and steady strokes. Keep in mind that the gun should be perpendicular to your work while maintaining a stable 6 to 12 inch distance from your work piece. Extend beyond each stroke by 50%

  • For your spray gun’s maintenance, you can clean it by spraying paint thinner through the gun until the thinner comes out clearly form the HVLP spray gun automotive.


These are merely the basic steps when using affordable spray guns automotive for those beginners who want to indulge in car painting. However, it is not necessary to follow these steps because you can simply create your own style based on your work’s complexity and in your own comfort